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Body Comparative #2 (1,2)

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A kid was walking around school wearing this today and didn’t receive a single comment from administration.

Meanwhile, I was pulled over twice by them to mention how “incredibly short” my bottoms were.

Last time I checked, my shorts don’t reference blowjobs.

Quit sexualizing things that aren’t meant to be suggestive.

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Best TV show ever.

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everything personal♡

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“A warrior feeds her body well. She trains it, works on it. Where she lacks knowledge, she studies. But above all, she must believe in her strength of will and purpose and heart and soul.”

David Gemmel   (via tobeheal-ed)

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“I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone.”

Dan Howell (via screamingsadness)

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Ben & Danielle with a fan on the Girl Meets World set


This could not be more accurate right now.

Hi I'm Melanie! Senior. Pisces. Somedays a good person. I am shallow but not judgmental. I am obsessed with people. Vegetarian. Sex and the city>. I dig fashion and writing. Your future columnist.

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